Our details
Name GOE Machine Co. Ltd
Locations Head office,Factory
Address: 376 Oji, Kaizuka city, Osaka 597-0051, Japan
Tel: +81-72-436-2431 Fax: +81-72-447-5850
Representative: Tomoya Kensho
Date established: 1968
Description of business Manufacture and distribution of industrial machinery including drawbenches and other machines, as well as accompanying installation and servicing.
Capital 10 million yen
Corporate history
July 1968 GOE Machine Co. Ltd founded in Higashisumiyoshi ward, Osaka city.
Began trading mainly in distribution of industrial machinery.   
April 1975 Head office moved to Tennoji ward, Osaka city.
Along with our main activity - distribution of straightening machines, cutting machines, metal pointing machines, wire drawing machines, drawing machines - we expanded to become a trade outlet for copper and brass, steel pipe, polished shaft wire, steel manufacture etc.
August 1979 Established our technical department.
1)1. General installation of copper pipe and stainless steel pipe making machinery and technical instruction, including a plant focusing on export abroad.
2. Laborsaving automatization of plant facility machinery, consultation and technical instruction for increase in speed.
3. Guidance and technical instruction for new plant machinery and positioning etc.
4. Development of the most up-to-date machinery.
June 1994 Factory 1 is established, with operations including manufacture of drawbenches and a service sector in the Kansai and Chubu areas.
February 2008 Head office moves to Chuo ward, Osaka city.
Open Shanghai office
October 2013 Takeshi Komoshita assumes advisor position.
Yoshiaki Kensho assumes representative position.
August 2015 Establishment of Factory 2 which specializes in automatic straight line cutting machines.
April 2016 Factory 2 was relocated,Central Technical Center was established.
November 2018 Yoshiaki Kensho assumes advisor
Tomoya Kensho assumes president
May 2019 Head office moved to Kaizuka city,Osaka.
Product line

■Main manufactured products
Drawbench (single and dual types), drawbench extras such as metal pointing/flaw cutting, straightening line mode, automatic straight line cutting machine, vertical multi-roll straightening machine, horizontal dual roll straightening machine, automatic insertion with automatic lot Balazs.

■Main traded products
Cold rolling mill, various straightening machines (square, hexagonal, rectangular),
roll production machine and winding apparatus, vortex flaw detector and anteroposterior apparatus, rectangular metal pointing machine, circular saw cutting machine and anteroposterior apparatus, wire drawing machine (G-block, horizontal).

Main countries of export

Dozens of countries including the U.S.A., Mexico, China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, India.