Our company’s aim is to produce drawbenches that are simple and robust, and can be relied on not to breakdown. We are proud that our products have no unnecessary functions and a high rate of productivity.

Proven to work from 1 – 400 tons.

Our single and dual type precision drawbenches will get the job done for you.

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Straightening machines

■Successful complete resolution of the roll mark

he latest GIC series has eliminated the redundant parts excluding the length of contact, and has succeeded in shortening the roll pitch by making the roll length as extremely short as limitations allow. Even with its compact facilities it is even easier to correct.

We also manufacture and distribute previous GIS series.

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Automatic straight line cutting machine

With its approximately 70 years of achievements, Toteno Ironworks Co., Ltd. has passed on to us their straight line machine technology, and are contributing to our patrons. It would mean very much to us if you would give us your consideration.

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Cutting and molding machines: all types

This is a round bar (steel, non-ferrous metal) cutting/molding machine.。

It performs cutting and molding of materials for LM guide use.

Switching between sizes can be administered with a single touch of the touchscreen panel.

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Vortex flaw detector (for stainless steel, aluminum, copper)

By the magnetization of the materials for examination, their magnetism becomes uniform and noise is reduced, making flaw detection easier.

Our vortex flaw detectors have a high capability for detection and enjoy great popularity.

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