Our company has more than 40 years of experience in selling automatic straight line cutting machines, drawbenches and straightening machines. A number of years ago our company, in its unique way, began designing, manufacturing and distributing drawbenches. We have gained a reputation for producing low cost and high quality machinery from delivery. Whether in Japan or abroad, with our attentive service, our machinery lives up to our customers’ wishes.

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GOE Machine Co. Ltd.

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Main manufactured products

Drawbenches (single and dual types), drawbench extras such as metal pointing/flaw cutting, straightening line mode, automatic straight line cutting machine, vertical multi-roll straightening machine, horizontal dual roll straightening machine, device for removing 1 length (proven to work on more than 100 machines).

Main traded products

Cold rolling mill, various straightening machines (square, hexagonal, rectangular), roll production machine and winding apparatus, , vortex flaw detector and anteroposterior apparatus, rectangular metal pointing machine, circular saw cutting machine and anteroposterior apparatus, wire drawing machine (G-block, horizontal), pipe cutting machine.